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Know about the top 10 stocks you can invest in

Are you by any chance entirely new in the stock market and want expert advice about what will be the best stocks that are worth investing in 2017? Although the stock market looks extremely enchanting and profitable from outside, beware as this is one game where you may lose hopelessly if you do not play a guarded game. Given below is some sound advice from experts in this field about the top 10 best stock market bargains for the year 2017. Keeping in mind the fact that only the ‘slow and steady win the race,’ given below are some of the top 10 best stocks that you will find safe to invest and hold for the next coming few years.

There is no argument about the fact that Facebook holds one of the top positions as far as social media and networking are concerned. With more than 1.94 billion users who are active and around 85% revenue is generated from advertising via mobiles, Facebook holds something which can be described as one of the most powerful ‘ad-pricing power on the planet.’ It, of course, seems like to be an ideal investment that has ‘buy and hold’ written all over itself.

One more company that seems all set to remain in the top 10 best stocks rankings leading the industries is Visa, the ‘payment processor.’ With an exceptional rapport with its merchants, it has acquired the status of a ‘go to payment partner.’ With excellent dominion status in the country with around 50.6 market shares, the company is an excellent niche to invest your hard earned money in. The company shows ample opportunities to expand and grow in an international level and seems an ideal place to invest your money.

Intuitive Surgical
If your aim is scouring for competent firms, then you can stop your search here. Their robotic device machine is ideal for surgical assistance. They have installed around 3919 Da Vinci surgical machines across the world by the end of 2016. They have an excellent communication network across the medical field all around the globe and are guaranteed to be an ideal investment opportunity as the years go by. The company also plans to venture into ‘soft tissue surgeries’ that is undoubtedly going to be an added advantage for shareholders who plan to invest long term.

Kinder Morgan
Although the gas and oil industry is not the best place to invest in these days, Kinder Morgan is no doubt an excellent company that has clear-cut profits for quite some time. With the company focusing on natural gas, the firm seems to be an ideal investment venture provided you are willing to be patient and wait for a few years to reap rich returns.

This is one of the top 10 best stocks that manufactures the renowned drug Revlimid that has been found to be extremely effective in treating myeloma and other kinds of cancer. Another well-known drug by the same company is Receptos which came into the market in 2015 and is found to be the best drug in treating ulcerative colitis and multiple sclerosis. Investing in this reputed company could be one of the wisest stock market decision you could as the company’s progress is bound to be commendable in the coming years.

Tyson Foods
This is yet another wise investment decision that you will not regret as far as the stock market is concerned. With Tyson’s stock prices soaring over the last decade, this company is no doubt an ideal place to invest your money.

National Beverage (Fizz)
Although you may not be familiar with the company name National Beverage, the stock symbol Fizz may be well known to everyone. The company deals in beverages and its product La Croix is extremely popular in the market today. The company has seen a steep hike in its revenue production by 60 percent and is still growing extremely well. It would be a good move to invest in this company that will surely help you come across great profits in the later years.

New Oriental Education and Technology (EDU)
Education is no doubt one of the best weapons that will help you survive the fierce market. This company that ranks number one in China has been witnessing tremendous growth strides that are of course the best reasons for you to invest in their shares.

Grupo Financiero Galicia (GGAL)
A renowned financial service of Argentinean origin; GGAL, holds the most coveted asset which is the Banco Galicia that is a bank more than a century old. With its total return touching 54 percent annually, the company is no doubt one of the top 10 best stocks worth investing in.

One of the top 10 best stocks as far as building products and roofing is concerned. Also dealing fly ash which is now a thriving business, it seems a perfect place to invest.

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