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9 best online brokers in USA

Technological advances in finance give investors a set of options that include online trading. An online trading account can give maximum profit to several investors who need help by getting an investment plan who can use the online trading tools to pursue an investment strategy. While selecting the excellent online brokers is not that easy. There is more variation from one company to another and investors open a different brokerage account.

Below are few of the best online brokers in the USA


Scottrade has become famous as the best online brokerage for customer service, which makes you open an account and simply ignore other things. There are excellent features of Scottrade which don’t charge as much money per trade like the other full-service brokerages.


If you want to get a deal on either a stock or options trade, it’s better to go to the OptionsHouse. By paying lesser fees, you’ll also have access to business tools and technology. The company is one of the best online brokers and is such that, you will not be able to get the same financial resources and access to every investment product. OptionsHouse offers a very reasonable trading prices, as well as low margin rates, and also consists of some unique tools for stock and options traders.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab offers a lower fee for online equity trades which is compared to its major competitors. It also provides a guaranteed satisfaction where investors give the required fees which are refunded if you are not satisfied. No fees are charged to open an individual or joint brokerage account, as accounts consist of zero maintenance fees. While these investors can expect no transaction fees per executed trade for the sake of Mutual Fund and there involves no commission fees per trade to make any online trades.


E*TRADE’s web-based platform is too advanced as it’s a mobile app, and somehow you have to pay for these features because E*TRADE is simply costlier than TD Ameritrade; it needs a minimum of $500 deposit to open an account. E-Trade is an ideal brokerage candidate for the investors where firms provide a wide selection of investment products such as stocks, as well as bonds, mutual funds that arrive along with the power trading platforms. It is one of the best online brokers in the country.

This usually earns all-star status regarding a wide range of offerings, but investors who look for the best service, as well as price, where tools and trade execution must check out best brokers for options trading, and also you can find the best brokers for trading.

Lending Club

Suppose, you are a start-up investor who is searching for an easy investing and an alternative to the stocks, you may want a high short-term investment, where a Lending Club can be an excellent choice. When you choose the lending club, there is no need to make any investment by purchasing stocks.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade offers a broad array of investments which are suitable for the new and experienced investors. This broker is excellently suited for long-term investors than to the active traders. The TD Ameritrade’s web platform gives free access to the independent third-party research as well as financial news.

Trade King

This broker does not require you to create an account; it provides you with a tailor-made combination of investment and trading tools and services while charging the lowest trading rates in the industry.
Trade King was found to be the first online broker in order to have an online trading network to connect with the other investors who have tools such as Trade Note to assist you in making the investment decisions. The broker also has a live chat feature to receive answers to your investment questions quickly.


Fidelity is a full-featured discount brokerage service which gives you online services of both investment and banking service that you need. The mobile app is also one of the excellent features that include trading on the go. Fidelity’s research from more than 20 providers stands tall amongst several online brokers and a quiz that assists investors to find out which providers match their investment style and there’s a scorecard of the research firm that rates the accuracy of the recommendation of the providers.


Robinhood is an online broker who makes the fat cat world of Wall Street that is easily accessible to the small kids. Even there are no trading fees and nothing else. The basic goal is to serve the start-up investors by making its platform accessible and also fees are too low, but the service is offered easily and successfully.

Hope these lists of best online brokers in the USA would help you.

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