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6 popular tech stocks to buy now

Many believe that you can build long-term wealth if you carefully and responsibly choose to invest in the right stocks at the right time. While new investors may want to steer clear of the stock market, familiar stock market players may vouch for its returns and long-term gains. The most reliable way to ensure you get good returns on your investment is diversifying your options among several types of industries, companies, and securities. One good type of share to count on includes technology stocks as these are fast changing and are constantly striving to improve and innovate. What’s more, these give great returns if chosen wisely. Here are six popular tech stocks to buy now.

Investors have had high expectations from Netflix, and the company has successfully delivered up to it. Quite like last year, when their stocks gained over 100%, Netflix continues to conquer the world and is indeed one of the best tech stocks to buy now. The reason being the company’s ever-increasing enormous global opportunity that exhibits no signs of declining at the moment. With a whopping number of 130 countries in its streaming kitty, this global giant is set to soar higher and swiftly reach its overwhelming target. The company is just warming up to the addressable market with a total estimate of 524 million and more. When it comes to revenue, Netflix has reported a steady increase over the years. Despite realizing its full potential, Netflix continues to have vast possibilities. Since the company is in its infancy in terms of global expansion, now is the best time to invest in Netflix stocks.

Activision Blizzard
The interactive entertainment company has 8 profitable franchises with some popular ones including Call of Duty, Destiny, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch to boast about. With giant projects like these, Activision Blizzard is one of the pioneers in video game space. Apart from making it mainstream, the company has also become a world leader in the mobile gaming market with its acquisition of King digital (the makers of Candy Crush) in 2015. The company not only enjoys a fervent fan base of several subscribers but also benefits from eSport markets. It is estimated that by 2012, the esports market would make more than $2 billion in revenue. With numbers like that opening and adding to a position in their tech stocks is certainly advisable. Activision Blizzard, therefore, can be one of your top tech stocks to buy now.

Despite the Cambridge Analytica scandal and other concerns, Facebook stocks have begun recovering and still remain at the top in terms of large-cap internet stocks. With shares constantly dwindling in the past few years, Facebook shares are likely to rise and maintain premium growth in the times to come. Why Facebook stocks feature in the best tech stocks to buy now is simply because these would not only rise in the long term but are one of the best cheap stocks to buy owing to their current low market trends. The revenues recently reported a significant profit and the recently added 49 million users bear testimony towards the fact that Facebook is here to stay despite all the negativity associated with the company in the recent times.

This is a parent company of Google (listed as GOOGL) that is reportedly trading at a profitable price even after having a great round of earnings. According to several experts, the shares have been steadily growing and are consistent and robust. While the stock is priced over $1000 and does not qualify as one of the cheap tech stocks to buy, going by the decline in price over the last few months, buying Alphabet may be one of the most ideal tech stocks to buy now. Most financial experts recommend investors to buy GOOGL as it is reported to be a strong, lucrative stock.

Quite like Facebook, this online travel company is at an all-time low in the share market for past few years. The decline in the price is reflective of the excellent opportunity this travel emporium may provide its buyers. Many experts believe that buying Expedia shares is a prudent strategy to make some good money. What’s more, the company has immense potential for steady growth both domestically and internationally in the near future. Since Expedia is reported to soon catch up with its industry rivals in the light of new management, it is certainly one of the best tech stocks to buy now.

One of the most innovative 3D design companies, Autodesk creates top of the class software for engineers, architects, constructors, and animators. While the share prices became sluggish in the last few months, its growth trajectory continues to impress. You wonder why Autodesk is among the best tech stocks to buy now? It is because the company is the proud recipient of excellent buy ratings for being a well-established franchise with a high growth potential.

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