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5 popular stocks you can invest in

A stock is an ownership certificate of a company. Stocks are a shared asset where the various shareholders exercise voting rights in the company’s decisions. In cases where she or he cannot vote but are entitled by law to receive a dividend. Preferred stocks can sometimes, be converted into a certain number of common stocks after a certain date. These are called convertible preferred stocks. Stocks, naturally, translate to money and should you want to invest in some, we have a list for you.

The point of buying stocks is to make profits. However, this can be quite a challenge given that there are hundreds of alluring companies to choose from. Currently, there are top 5 stocks to buy from. One of them is Under Armour C Shares which trade at a tempting 12% discount, T-Mobile which have successfully captured a considerable market share in the telecom industry in the past few years. Dave & Buster’s Entertainment has a stock that has risen 200% over the past three years, Likewise, Diamondback Energy which is just scratching the surface of its potential with a growth rate of 60% recently, and Core Labs which reported a net income of $16 million in the third quarter.

The top 5 tech stocks to buy from are Google, Tesla, Amazon, Broadcom, and Adobe. While Apple is the largest company in the S&P 500, an American stock market index, Alphabet, Google’s parent company is second in line. This is followed by Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. With their combined value at almost $3 trillion, it is awe-inspiring how tech companies with the help of artificial intelligence have given a tough competition to some of the oldest businesses built with the help of physical assets.

Google comes under the top 5 category as it is considered as an impetus behind artificial intelligence (AI). And AI, as we all know, is a hot intellectual property right now. Amazon gains prominence on in the stock industry because of its enormous computing power. Adobe, with its cloud subscription model and an expected increase in revenue by 20% this year, is nothing less than noteworthy. Tesla, with its potential to displace the traditional auto industry, is winning bets on it being the first company to release driverless cars shortly.

When it comes to dividend stocks, Apple again has one of the top 5 stocks to buy. Companies, like Apple, have demonstrated that steadily increasing dividends send a clear message to the market of their potential to grow, tend to perform better and lose less when markets fall. Apple reintroduced a dividend 5 years ago and has since, continued to raise it annually. It is now set to pay more than any other company over the next year. The other four in the list include Texas Instruments which has increased its dividend for 13 years steadily, Home Depot which has increased its dividends by 22% over the past five years. On the other hand, Royal Dutch Shell whose shares yield 6.7% and UBS, a Swiss bank that generates 3.6%.

Apart from the top 5 stocks to buy mentioned above, there are some other companies that you should look at. Broadcom Limited, a leading player in wireless technology, whose stocks are expected to rise to $225 a share. When it comes to health care, Envision Health Care which specializes in services that don’t need overnight stays comprises stocks are expected to go to $87 per share. State Street Corp, a financial organization houses that stocks are expected to go up to $89 per share because of its ability to cut costs and gain customer assets. Whereas Delta Airlines’ stocks are expected to rise to $56, because of the demand for business and recreational travel.
Dycom Industries has a stock that is expected to progress to $115 because of its ability to supply workers to build telecom services and thus gain clients.

Currently, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), thanks to economic growth and increased consumerism, is considered as one of the best segments to invest in. Crown Castle International, ExtraSpace Storage, and DDR Corp are estimated to be three of the safer bets in this sector. Among the tech companies, Intel which has dividends that have increased by 24% over the past five years and, therefore experts anticipate a substantial payout. Furthermore, Apple which is expected to have a payout that might double every eight years, should it stay consistent.

Take the assistance of managers of mutual fund stocks to make the best investment decisions. You can also contemplate about investing in companies like Charles Schwab, National Oilwell Varco, TheToro Co., Service Corporation International and United Overseas Bank.

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