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12 top stocks of 2017

Some of the stocks to keep an eye out for in 2017 are of companies that show trends of strong long-term growth and steadily increasing dividends. For the year 2017 stocks to buy or invest in would include:

  • Alphabet
    The parent company of online giants like Google and YouTube, it has an estimated market value of $552 billion and is yet to peak. The potential for growth is significant with the Pixel smartphone, Google Home, apps, cloud-based services and a host of other businesses in their basket. Furthermore, the ad business has gained a lot of traction because of the interest that is shown by all kinds of brands. Analysts estimate that this company will have a 20 percent of growth in the profits for the year 2017. The stock is not too pricey with estimated earnings at 27 times.
  • Amazon
    For 2017, stocks to buy will undoubtedly include those from Amazon is the online retailing giant with an enviably strong position in cloud computing. Its potential for growth is huge, given its competitive move towards artificial intelligence and video content. It is predicted that profits would rise by 19.5 percent in the next five years.
  • CME Group
    The CME group owns Chicago Mercantile Exchange. People bet on anything here, right from the price of meat to the stock index. This group has merged with other exchanges and is offering a variety of services to traders which have resulted in its expansion. It pays steady dividends of 60 cents to a share. It is possible that towards the end of the year, it will pay a special dividend. This might give the stock a sizeable yield of 5.1 percent.
  • CPI Aerostructures
    This company manufactures parts for aircraft. Wing assemblies, fuel panels, and other structures are made for both military and commercial flights. It is supposed to have a massive backlog of orders which probably speaks of the significant growth to come. It has a market cap of $69 billion, and even if that is small comparatively, the reward appears to outweigh the risk of investing in it.
  • Crown Castle International
    Crown Castle is a real estate investment trust. It leases space to wireless carries. AT&T, Verizon, and others lease close to 40,000 cell towers from this company. With an increase in data used by customers on their mobile phones, the growth potential for the company is enormous. The demand for space for cell phone towers is expected to grow even further, thanks to cable companies offering wireless services as well. At 3.80 a share, the stock yields 4.4 percent, with the company giving 90 percent of its income that is taxable to investors.
  • Henry Schein
    This company distributes health supplies. It has been around for 84 years with various dentists, physicians, and veterinarians for customers. Even though it’s not known for its rapid growth, it is a powerfully established company, and its earnings are expected to rise steadily.
  • Kraft Heinz
    It is the fifth largest food company in the world. It is known for brands like Jell-O, Oscar Mayer, and Velveeta. The stock is neither cheap nor is it likely to grow. However, it offers a 2.9 percent dividend yield that would be a great addition to any portfolio.
  • Medpace Holdings
    Medpace runs clinical trials for biotech firms. It handles a variety of things including the design of a research and its execution. It is estimated that sales will grow by a 13 percent, annually, by 2020. It is also expected that the company would be able to have profit margins of 30 percent, which is quite noteworthy. The stocks are expected to hit $35 soon.
  • Micron Technology
    Micron is a manufacturer of semiconductors. Experts predict that profits will increase over the next year. In 2016, Micron added stocks from Parnassus Endeavor, a significant performer in the field.
  • Palo Alto Networks
    This company sells software and hardware. These are sophisticated products that safeguard networks against cyber attacks. Its cloud-based software has sales rising consistently. The revenue streams by the products it offers is expected to last for years. It is estimated that revenues will increase by 28 percent by 2018 to a whopping $2.3 billion.
  • Raytheon
    Raytheon makes military products. In 2016, it has a backlog worth $35.8 billion in products ranging from Patriot missiles to electronic warfare systems. Its stocks have been on the rise by $2.2 billion since 2015. Foreign sales which constitute one-third of its total sales are on a steady rise. It is predicted that stocks will be at $160 within a year.
  • Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
    Regeneron owns Biotech. Biotech is a company that manufactures one of the bestselling eye disease prevention drugs, Eylea. This drug makes up about two-thirds of the company’s total sales products. Revenues from Eylea sales amounted to $5 billion in 2016. Regeneron also manufactures a cholesterol drug by the name of Praluent. The company is set on its path to growth with drugs, such as one for rheumatoid arthritis.
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