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Popular Visa prepaid cards

Prepaid cards at one time were the last option for the individuals who couldn’t meet all requirements. However, in the mainstream financial market, there is an inclusion of new elements and features in prepaid cards. Therefore, they are one of the most popularly used financial products by consumers today. Prepaid cards with the best 50 US banks and credit unions accounted $118.09 billion in spending at the merchants in 2013 and a 6.1% expansion from the previous year. A just recent report revealed a similar kind data that most of the prepaid cardholders utilize them merely as a supplement to their existing regular checking account, and not as an alternative option.

For a fair number of prepaid card customers, the move seems like a convenient option. Unlike traditional checking accounts, prepaid card customers can quickly make cash deposits at an extensive variety of retailers that includes convenience stores. Furthermore, unlike the conventional banks, prepaid cards usually belong with a vast network of ATMs that enable clients to access money with no additional fee. But this convenience comes at a cost, the prepaid cards typically come with comparatively higher charges than conventional checking accounts, and those expenses can add up swiftly. Obviously, all prepaid cards are not made equivalent and some necessarily come with fewer expense offers and more sensible terms. To locate the best prepaid card out there, you should have a clear idea about their unique features and charges.

Prepaid cards come in various types, but some specific features help some of these cards to stand out. If you’re looking for a good prepaid card, the below mentioned are the vital characteristics you should necessarily look for:

  • Convenience when it comes to card loading options
  • Flexible means to spend and pay bills, especially through the online medium
  • Lesser monthly fees such as maintenance charges or withdrawal fees
  • Free direct deposit
  • Comparatively bigger retail networks or online collaborations for better deals
  • Widely recognized on both offline and online platforms
  • Ability to transfer money via a range of technological mediums

Although new prepaid cards emerge on the market year by year, some pioneers have stood firmly in the test of time. As you analyze your options, consider how each card would suit your current financial situation and spending habits. The next thing to consider is fees associated with every prepaid card to clearly understand how they stack up.

The following are the two most popular prepaid Visa cards for the year 2017. You can consider using any of these depending on your preferences and needs.

KAIKU Visa Prepaid Card
The KAIKU Visa Prepaid Card is a new prepaid card that offers an excellent guarantee and deals. With the KAIKU Visa Prepaid card, there are no activation expenses, usage costs, card declined charges and prices on currency conversion. Besides that, the customers can access more than $55,000 which is free from any taxes. It charges a low fee of $3 per month for Allpoint ATMs. This upkeep charge will be waived from the account if you make a Direct Deposit of $750 on a monthly basis.
Since it offers free and unlimited number of transactions, the KAIKU Visa Prepaid Card is an incredible alternative for any individual who makes numerous small purchases all along the month. In the meantime, a substantial, extensive network of free ATMs makes this prepaid card a contender for any individual who utilizes their prepaid card to access their money frequently. Some of its crucial characteristics include:

  • A lesser monthly fee of $3
  • Kaiku’s “Funds-Ometer,” which is a mobile app that tracks card users’ transactions and compares it to their average money spending for the last 60 days in non-essential categories which includes money used for food and entertainment.
  • There’s no activation charges, currency conversion fees, usage fees, and card declined fees.
  • Low usage fee of $1.45 for other network’s ATM
  • Mobile checking
  • Easy and secure card to card transactions

AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card
Another best option Prepaid Visa Card is AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card. This is conceivably the least expensive prepaid Visa card around, despite the fact that it is best for individuals who mostly make infrequent buys. As a customer, you pay a one-time $4.95 activation charge and no month-to-month charge. However, AccountNow attaches a $1-per-transaction expense. Those charges may add up in case you’re not watchful. You might need to utilize this card like a savings account by giving cash a chance to gather, and only using it for more prominent, and infrequent buys. Some of its essential features comprise:

  • No monthly fee
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Free online bill payment and free direct deposit
  • Purchase rewards
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