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Companies that offer international money transfers

Private companies do international Money transfers, and many of them have mobile apps to facilitate money transfers on the move. Each firm has products having unique features like offering real-time exchange rates, faster transfers, etc. There are a large number of companies in this field, and some of the best companies for international money transfers are given below.

  • Halo Financial is a company specializing in international money transfer. They have good customer service and satisfaction levels. Halo Financial is authorized and regulated by FCA under The Payment Services Regulations 2009. The critical feature claimed are real-time exchange rates which gives the recipients more money than others and in lesser time. They also have various products for international money transfers. It is claimed that transfers are fast and cheaper by as much as 4% than other agencies. The company has a site where one can fill the details and get a free quote. The money transfer has a minimum amount ceiling below which request will not be acceded to. No cash transactions are accepted.
  • HiFX is another company engaged in international money transfer with a high customer satisfaction. Though a UK based company has offices in many countries, they are FCA approved and give real-time currency rates. The company has both online and mobile apps. There is a minimum limit on the transfer amount, and only banks transfers, credit and debit cards are accepted. Other money transfer tools are also available.
  • Xend pay is another company engaged in international money transfer. They have facilities for transferring money internationally in a fair, transparent way and quick. There are no compulsory fees; no limit on the amount transferred and no exchange rate mark up. There are no hidden charges; recipients get more than other with any other company, and their costs are exceedingly competitive. The transactions are secure as the company is a member of SWIFT and are authorized by FCA. There is a provision for the sender to see the amount the recipient is receiving.
  • FairFX is another company specializing in international money transfer. The transfers are simple, secure, and fast. There are no fees, and very competitive exchange rates are offered. One has got good choices of an instrument to select from to suit one’s needs. The company is FCA authorized. Access to a dedicated personal service through a phone and mobile app is also provided. Above a certain minimum amount is only accepted and dealings are carried through bank transfers and debit/credit cards.
  • Currency Direct specializes in international money transfers. Offers better than bank exchange rates, free transfers, dealings in more than 60 currencies, phone app are some of the highlights of their services. Only above certain minimum amount is accepted and payments are only in debit card and bank transfers. Products tailored to suit most individual needs are available.
  • World First is engaged in international money transfer business. Only bank to bank and card transactions are accepted. The minimum cap is set rather high. Charge free, high exchange rate and secure and fast transfers are the specialties. The company has a very high customer satisfaction rating. 24/7 access to live transparent exchange rate and a World First app for fund transfer on the move is available.
  • Tipalty is a web-based company that has automated the international money transactions. The firm specializes in international money transfers for large international companies who seek to gain advantages from their scales of operation. An 80% reduction in supplier payment time, reduced cost and risk with compliance with regulations and tax, payment errors, and fraud are some of the achievable. The excellent payment experience has made partners to stick with them and attract newer ones. With highly software-based systems a high degree of scalability is also claimed.
  • PayPal is a company dealing in money transfers for online purchasing, personal transactions, business transactions and even business loans. All transactions happen within PayPal accounts. Further transfer to an individual’s bank is possible. PayPal caters to personal, business, and request segments. A PayPal app is also available for quicker easier operation. Since the primary transfer is between PayPal accounts both the sender and recipient need their own PayPal accounts. Personal segment deals with individuals’ need to make payments to other individuals like salary, shopping bills, mobile wallet and PayPal credit. Business segment offers a point of sale solutions, link to checkout account, loans for business needs, credit card processing, merchant services, etc. Sending is a section dealing with international money transactions, and the significant advantage is low cost, security of operation and simplicity of operation. The request is an interesting service. This can be used to remind people to pay pending bills, loans, and other dues. There is a provision to put a note explaining the request for money. One can request family or friends to help the user with an emergency fund transfer.

Customers are spoiled for choice in money transactions. One needs to go through the claims carefully before joining one.

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