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Best websites for earning money online

Everyone has been at this juncture at one point or the other: looking for ways to earn some extra money but to knowing how to bring the revenue in. Turn to the internet, probably the biggest “employer” today. However, earning money online isn’t just about making passive income, it is also looking for ways to earn money online and create a stream of active income or even make a career out of it. It can help clear any debt obligations and empower us to save, invest, and get rich in the future. Here are some amazing basic ways to earn money online and generate a respectable amount of income in the short term.

Fiverr is one of the biggest, most popular websites where one can sell a whole wide variety of products and services, which is particularly useful for freelancers. For example, if you’re good at content writing, you could work for someone who requires your services and make some extra cash. However, if you have few skills but you have a brain, you can offer to do, let’s say, web research for someone, and someone could hire you. One thing to remember is that it takes time to garner stellar reviews, generate more income streams, and succeed at Fiverr. In fact, even the website’s name originates from the fact that $5 per task is what people offer and people get here. Still, if you have multiple gigs in your kitty, you could decently earn money online on Fiverr.

Do you have mad craft skills? Etsy could be a place where you can show off your artistic talent and earn money online. If you are the kind of person who excels at making custom jewelry, wall hangings, wind chimes and what not, chances are that you’ll find the correct market for your skills and craft at Etsy.

If you are willing to get your hands dirty, i.e., weeding someone’s garden or cataloging someone’s book collection, then TaskRabbit is the place where you can find work. People visit this site to look for people who can run simple errands or tasks for them. If you are diligent enough, this could become quite the part-time or even a full-time job.

Sometimes, some people are just great at fishing out all sorts of information about specific things. People who visit Wonder are those who need to get research done. While the website actually doesn’t hire anyone, it allows people with good research skills to apply and get access to their dashboard. After that, people can answer questions to earn money, making anywhere between $8 to $16 for every detailed answer on an average. However, you should know that this is an enjoyable task only for those who really enjoy digging for information for money.

ThredUp sells good secondhand kids’ and women’s clothes. All one needs to do is send the website their clothes (popular brands or clothes in good condition) with a prepaid mailing label in a ThredUp bag, and the website will decide the value of the clothes. If items aren’t accepted, there’s a fee. So, make sure you only send them quality outfits that you no longer want.
Selling clothes is a job in itself. However, not everybody has the time or the energy to hold a yard sale. Enter OfferUp, where people can sell clothes one at a time. All people need to do is take a picture of what clothes they own, decide on a price and put it up online on OfferUp, where somebody nearby hopefully will see it up on the website. If they love it enough to buy it, they’ll send the owner a note and both can meet in a public place. OfferUp is said to be user-friendly and the member profiles make it easier for people to get a better sense of whom they are selling to or buying from, making it a convenient platform to earn money online.

Virtual tutoring
If you have a passion for teaching, then you could become a virtual tutor and participate in one-on-one tutoring/training sessions or even host webinars to advise people on numerous topics. You could teach anything from languages to technical and non-technical topics such as using sites like PayPal to process payments or sourcing clients from social media.

Creating video tutorials
Creating video tutorials for YouTube is definitely a long-term strategy. Creating well-thought-out, engaging video content and posting them on websites such as YouTube could bring in a substantial amount of passive income in your kitty. Some tips for creating video tutorials are finding a niche for your video and finding something that will add value to people interested.

Content writing
If you’re good at writing, then one of the best ways to earn money online is through article or blog writing. While it won’t pay much at the outset, it is something that can be built upward over a period of time. One could write sales-related content, emails, or even product descriptions and make money. Monetizing your blog is another way of earning money online.

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