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11 popular agencies to transfer currency internationally

The advent of IT and ever-increasing sophistication in their applications for foreign currency transfer has made transferring money across currency barriers simpler, faster, and more secure. As the popularity grew, so did the number of players and competition. The current thrust is to provide cheaper, faster, and real-time exchange rate or alternatively, maximize the exchange rate.

Halo Finance
This is a UK-based company with international presence in the United States as well. It is engaged in foreign currency transfer and international money transfer business. This company claims to have services that are cheaper by 4%. The company is authorized by FCA. Their operation is simply fast and they offer real-time exchange rates. No cash is accepted, and there is a minimum amount to be transferred. The transaction is free for any amount above the minimum.

This is another UK company with an international presence and FCA approval. They have a high customer approval. The company offers both online services and mobile apps. They do not accept cash. There is a minimum cap and a maximum amount that is to be sent as bank transfer, credit, or debit card. They have other different tools also.

Ria Money Transfer
This company was started in New York City in 1987. They offer both interstate and international money transfer. They started with the motto to get people’s hard earned money to their families wherever they are in an easy, transparent, and secure way. One has to open an account, which is free. The sender can see the amount that would be received by the recipient. The transfer fee or other charges would show on the filling form itself by making it transparent. The sender can choose in what form the money is to be given to the recipient.

This is a money transfer company specializing in sending money to the US. They offer excellent exchange rates for EUR/USD, CAD/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, and NZD/USD. The services are available 24/7. The company is a member of SWIFT payment system. A team of money transfer experts is available for consultation.

This company is in the money transfer business. They do charge a transfer fee claimed to be the lowest. The account opening form shows the amount the recipient would get. The real-time exchange rate taken from Reuters is also shown. This ensures transparency.

This is another company that transfers money to the US and internationally. They do charge a transfer fee and also assure very competitive exchange rates. The sender has many modes of delivering the money. It can be deposited in any bank account or sent to one of the 30,000 agents of MoneyGram in the US, and it can be picked up as cash. The company has some 350,000 agents across the globe providing great ease in choosing the destination to which the money can be sent.

Currency Direct
This is another money transferring company with good reputation. This UK-based company with international presence offers bank beating exchange rates. This company has a widely distributed agent network giving it the benefit of large local knowledge greatly helping smooth last mile delivery of cash.

This is an online company in money transfer business and has a wide approval rating. The company claims its money transfer takes an hour. They support promoters. Acceptance of money is by bank transfer, bank account, online transfer, and mobile money. Even money pick up facility is provided. Mobile apps are available.

World First
This is a UK-based company with widespread international presence. It has FCA approval. It is considered as one of the fastest money transfer services. A wide choice of services like a fee-free transfer for individuals, best exchange rates, special services to serve business organizations, online sellers, and the like having special requirements.

This is the money transfer service of PayPal. One can transfer money using their debit or credit cards, bank accounts, or PayPal on Xoom for transferring money to any bank account in the US from anywhere and any computer connected to the web. The money would be deposited in the specified bank account.

Google Wallet
This is another choice to transfer money. The great advantage is that it is synchronized with other Google Services. This makes requesting for money and dispatches conformation ever so easy. There is a cap of $10,000 being the maximum amount per transfer. The transfer takes place in minutes.

These platforms and agencies are some of the popular ones. There are many agencies doing foreign currency transfer in the market. It is important that the user does due diligence about the company concerned and make sure that the company is registered with some reliable regulators.

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