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Taking a closer look at car insurance quotes in Texas

For those living and owning or looking to own cars in Texas, they will need car insurance quotes in Texas as the Texas law requires that every driver should have minimum liability insurance and should carry the proof of insurance ready for inspection. Not holding insurance can lead you to be fined and a repeat offender will lose his/her license.

The car insurance in Texas needs to cover body injury liability, property damage liability, personal injury protection, uninsured motorist bodily injury, as well as uninsured motorist property damage.

For a full coverage policy, you will need to include comprehensive policies with collision coverage. This should include insured and not insured motorists and has to cover medical expenses. An uninsured or underinsured motorist will be liable to pay damages that the insured vehicle, passengers are entitled too because of injury, death caused by an uninsured or underinsured vehicle.

It is important in Texas to compare the various car insurance quotes. Texas insurance costs and laws are strict and tough. In fact, it is the state with the 14th highest rate. To get the best and lowest car insurance quotes Texas, you will have to get and compare as many quotes, since many insurers will offer you a lower rate.

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The bodily injury coverage is around $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident and $25,000 for property damage. Driving without insurance is not a genuine idea in Texas as it is considered a misdemeanor. On the first offense, it is considered a crime and the fine can be between $175 to $350. On the second offense, the fine is between $350 to $1000. Then the state of Texas adds a penalty of $250 per year for three years. If you have caused a bodily injury or damages, then you have to pay for all the damages legally. The fines are high, and so are the jail terms. The insurance company itself can charge you more if you have driven without insurance for 30 days during the application period. Insurers here can take a wide latitude.

What influences car insurance quotes in Texas?

  • Your driving history affects the rate of the insurance. Having a driving ticket, vehicle violation, an at-fault accident will increase your premium. The lowest premium quote is $332, that is why the need to shop around.
  • The make and model of your car, a number of years your car is insured.
  • Total years you have been driving and the miles your car has covered in a year.
  • Insurance rate also depends on how you use your car for pleasure or work. If it is for the pleasure, it is lower, if it is for work and daily use the rate is high.
  • Texas allows insurers to consider your credit score. A bad credit score will lead to a higher rate. But they cannot refuse to insure you or cancel your policy.
  • The age and gender of the driver also make a difference to the rate of the premium. The high premium rate is charged to those aged below 25 in men and unmarried below 21 in women.
  • Many Texas Insurance companies will give you a car insurance quote that is much lower than others even if you have an accident or tickets on your record.
  • Cost is not the only thing that should be kept in mind while buying insurance. Also, check the coverage level.
  • Many things will help you lower the cost of your insurance. Drivers who have been accident-free, those who have installed anti-theft in their vehicle, raised their credit score, taken the defensive driving course, and if you are above 55 years, it will help lower the rate.
  • Many drivers will try to get discounts, but these then will not cover every event, accident that happens. For these than the drivers will have to pay out of their pockets.
  • A car insurance quote can be received in Texas with a few key points of information. Auto insurance quotes are an effective way to find affordable insurance. The information you have to provide is the driving history, make and model of your car, and the zip code where you live. This will tell you what the policy will cost you. One company may charge more than the other. Try and get various quotes the difference between the highest and the lowest quote can be that of hundreds of dollars.


  • The liability the insurance company covers injuries, property damages that minimum coverage. Additional coverage can be purchased, but it does not cover your damages but that of others. If your coverage is less than the bill, you have to pay the rest from your pocket.
  • The policyholders’ insurance covers him from a car collision. The cost paid is for repairs minus the deductibles.
  • Comprehensive coverage does not cover a collision but includes damage from explosions, fire, floods, riots, earthquakes, theft, etc.
    Medical coverage reimburses the insured and others to the limit of medical expenses and funeral they do not look at the individual fault.
  • Personal Injury Protection covers the driver and passengers of the insurance holder.
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