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Some of the best ways to make easy money

Gone are the days when a family of 10 could survive on one person’s salary. In today’s world, everything comes with a price. It could be a major purchase or to save for a rainy day, it could also be just to relieve the financial anxiety, everyone is looking at fast and easy ways on how to make easy money. Listed below are myriad ways on how to make easy money. Some of the ideas will help the individual get healthy (quite literally) and other ideas can inspire change. While some others can help declutter your home, others will help you get your voice out into the world. So, strap in and enjoy this ride.

  • Online Surveys: Many research companies are always on the lookout to hire people who can fill out their surveys and test new products. There are multiple websites that pay people to read advertiser’s emails. You can join these for free or at by paying a premium of $5.
  • Searching the Web: Everybody spends a lot of time browsing the internet for various reasons. Imagine, getting paid to do that. Yes, you heard that right. There are a few companies that offer money for browsing websites like Google, Yahoo or Bing. All one has to do is install a simple add-on to the browser while searching for information on the internet. The company pays instantaneously and the money will be credited to the individual’s PayPal account.
  • Scanning your own grocery: Nielsen, the company that tracks TV ratings, have introduced an app that will pay an individual to scan the groceries that are in their fridge. Once the individual signs up for the Nielsen Consumer Panel, they will receive a scanner from the company or they can scan using their smartphone. Every time, the individual goes shopping, they should scan the barcodes of the items purchased and send the data to NCP.
  • Renting Space: If an individual owns an extra room or a house, renting it could be a good option for steady income. The same can be said for parking spaces. There are many platforms that facilitate easy renting options. To be more effective, it would be advisable to make the space available during peak requirement times (concerts, conventions or vacation times). Also, by being a good host and supplying the guests with basic utilities, one can receive some commendable recommendations which in turn will attract more people to rent the property.
  • Losing the extra flab: There are companies that pay a person to get in shape. This should be motivation enough for an individual to put on those gym shoes and sweat it out. Not only is this beneficial for the person, in the long run, it also helps them relieve a little bit of the financial stress.
  • Writing about TV shows: Getting paid to write reviews about the shows that are aired on television. Patrons get paid to review or recap a show. The review could be a straightforward or by searching for symbolism. Another way is by having a conversation with member regarding characters on a show. There are also sites that require snarky reviews. So, one can choose the type of review they want to write.
  • Collectibles: Saving dollar bills with strange serial numbers can be a form of easy money-making scheme. There are collectors will pay money (sometimes ridiculous amounts) for bills and coins that are rare.
  • Selling old stuff: Emptying one’s closet is another easy way of making money. Lots of sites offer individuals platforms to sell almost anything. Not only does this help in decluttering the home, it also brings in some easy money. Old toys, books, DVD’s etc., are some of the kinds of stuff that can be sold online.
  • Taking photos: Have a keen eye for photography? Do you own an iPhone? Look no further, there are places that pay for the photos on the iPhone. Every time the photo clicked is bought, it’s money into your account.
  • Online Market Trading: Investing in stock markets and currencies were once upon a time a difficult job. But today, with the help of online market trading platforms, one can do this within the comfort of one’s home. There are online tutorials that help one educate themselves.
  • Start a website: This can be done by anyone. It is a matter of minutes and hardly any investment. The only thing is to advertise the website through social media, in order to generate traffic which in turn will generate the money.
  • Become a delivery rider or driver: Anyone who owns a motorbike, bicycle or car, as well as a smartphone, can get into this. Delivering food or packages as a part-time job. Signing up with taxi service platforms and driving around in your spare time are some innovative ways to make extra money.

While there are so many ways to make easy money, one should always take care, not to overwork and choose a way that is feasible. Also, one has to be vigilant and make sure there are enough data points before getting into any of these.

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