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Best high-interest savings accounts in the US

Many people usually have a current account and have a debit card too. But, there are still people who do not have a savings account or are aware of having a savings account. It is shocking to figure out the percentage of Americans who have no emergency cash in the bank to fall back on, roughly 26% of them do not have any kind of savings set aside whereas 36% have yet started to keep in reserve for their retirement.

Opening a savings account is one of the significant things you need to do today before it’s late. Meanwhile, you need to know the importance of managing your money in savings account. You can never know beforehand about the future debts; having a savings account will be able to cover all the unexpected debts such as expensive automobile repairs, vehicle accidents, fire accidents or serious illness. The best banks for savings account have security measures, the money deposited is protected by the federal deposit insurance corporation which insures up to $250,000 in your bank savings account. Which means that even if your bank crashes, the FDIC will substitute the fund to the account. You will also earn some good percentage of interest rate with the best high-interest savings account. Listed below are some of the best banks for savings accounts (high-interest savings accounts):

Ally Bank:
Ally bank beats the rest of the competitors by offerings strong interest rates and useful implementations which make ally bank popular among many investors. Its extended online bank services prevent you from putting the money into branches. Hence they offer astounding interest rates and fees and invest more in its products. There is no monthly maintenance fee or minimum balances required to open a savings account with Ally bank, and it has 1.15% APY, making it one of the outstanding savings accounts. Ally bank has over 43,000 ATMs for easy access, and you can transfer funds to any mobile friendly accounts from any bank accounts through direct deposit, by mailing a check or through bank’s mobile app. You can simply log in to their website and fill in the required information to open an account online.

Synchrony Bank:
Synchrony bank offers attractive APY of 1.05% and provides high-interest savings rates that go beyond the national average. The bank is insured by the FDIC which protects your money to a certain percentage or as a whole from bankruptcy or defaults. The bank asks for no minimum balance or monthly fee. Synchrony bank accounts come with ATM card for an easy transaction and also flexible mobile app for easy access which you cannot beat. It also provides 24/7 online savings account management that helps to skip long tiring queues in the bank. Though they don’t ask for minimum balance, you should keep at least $30 to avoid a $5 monthly maintenance fee. Depending on the balance you have in your account and the duration of holding your account in their bank, you can also be qualified for Synchrony’s Optimizer Perks that issues amazing offers.

Barclays Bank:
If you are looking for an online savings account with high-interest, Barclays Bank Delaware Online Savings Account will be the best fit. They offer 1.15% APY, with no monthly fee or maintenance fee or minimum deposits required. Barclay’s savings account rate is presently one of the best in the nation. They have special tools crafted just to help their investors in saving money and calculate how long it will take you to reach them. With Barclays online savings account you can easily transfer money to and from other accounts, given 24/7 access to your money and sign up for direct deposit.

CIT Bank high yield savings:
CIT bank works with no fees and maximum returns formula. It offers competitive interest rates but has a $100 deposit requirements. CIT Bank account provides a rate of 1.05% APY with no monthly maintenance fee. It allows you to access your savings account 24/7 online and on your mobile device. The calculation of interest rates is done on a daily basis to maximize your savings potential. CIT savings account provides a tiered interest rate structure, so the more you invest, the higher interest you receive. Presently the Bank’s best 1.05% APR makes your way when you maintain a balance of $25,000 or higher in the amount.

Discover Bank:
Discover Bank savings account has a competitive APY of 1.10% with no monthly fee, balance requirement or minimum opening deposit. This makes it a simple and stress-free account to access and use. One of the advantages of having a savings account in Discover bank is the availability of bonus system. It lets you make use of a broad ATM network. Although it has only one physical branch, the bank extends such good services to meet their customer requirements. The savings account comes with a lot of perks such as free bank checks with expedited delivery and free incoming wire transfer. Additionally, you can deposit checks and program automatic transfer via a mobile app.

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