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Best air miles credit cards for 2017

Airline miles or frequent flyer miles are a section of loyalty programs offered by airlines and or credit cards. If one uses them correctly, tons of money can be saved on traveling. However, credit card air miles are not that easy as they sound and there are many chances one can get confused before understanding its worth. Typically, a user amasses credit points in the form of miles based on how far or how frequently he spends on flying. However, the term ‘miles’ doesn’t equate to the actual number of miles he can fly but a number of miles he has flown. In short, they are like rewards points that can be accumulated and later on redeemed for a free flight ticket or a similar reward.

Let’s take a look at some of the best credit cards for credit card air miles:

  • United MileagePlus Explorer Card
    Tied to the United Airways, the biggest advantage is the perks when you fly with it. The credit card air miles offers a free checked bag during flight; two one time passes for United’s airport lounges. The user earns 2 miles for every dollar spent on tickets purchased from United and 1 mile for every dollar spent on every other expenditure. The only drawback is if the user is planning to redeem flights with the miles, he or she is limited to United flights.
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
    Sapphire is not tied to any particular airlines hence can be used in multiple ways. The user earns 2 points for every dollar spent on dining and travel. For everything else, he or she earns one point on one dollar. The credit card air miles offers a great sign up bonus and an extra 50,000 points after spending $4,000. Since it’s a general travel card, it lacks the special perks like priority boarding, free checked bag, etc.
  • Citi/AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Master Card
    This credit card air miles provides a free checked bag for up to four people on a single reservation. It provides priority boarding on domestic flights. They provide signup bonus as well. When the user redeems the points, they get 10% of the points back with a cap of $10,000. The card is limited to American Airlines.
  • Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card
    Another great card which provides a free checked bag for nine passengers in the same itinerary. Holders are offered priority boarding and a discounted access to the lounge. The holder gets 2 points for a dollar spent on Delta purchases and 1 point on every other purchase. The card also offers a sign-up bonus where the holder is awarded 30,000 points after a spending $1,000 within the first three months. Options are limited to Delta Airlines if the holder wishes to redeem the points for the flight.
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit cards
    Southwest provides credits provide rewards not only for flights booked but also for hotels and car rentals booked through the credit card air miles. The card offers a whopping 6000 points as an anniversary bonus excluding the extra 40,000 that can be earned by spending $1000 within the first three months of sign-up. Latin American and Caribbean destinations have limited service.
  • British Airways Visa Signature
    British Airways probably has the most generous signup bonus where the holder can earn 50,000 points for $3,000 spent on purchases within the first three months. This card doesn’t have any foreign transaction fees hence ideal for international travel. Holders can redeem the points for free flights only with American Airlines.
  • Discover it Miles
    Another great credit card which doubles up whatever credits a holder has earned at the year-end. Holders can earn two points for every dollar spent on every purchase. It has no foreign transaction fees. Free annual fee for the first year and $59 after that. No blackout dates so the holder is free to travel whenever he wishes to.
  • Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card
    The holder can claim a signup bonus of 40,000 points if he or she happens to spend $3,000 within the first three months of the purchase. The credit card air miles has no foreign transaction fees making international trips easier. The holder earns 2 two credit point for every dollar spent on any purchase.

With so many options present, it becomes confusing for an individual to decide upon a card that will serve the purpose best. The industry is so competitive that everyone offers plans that are second to none. It’s best to understand what an aspirant cardholder’s need is based on his frequency of travel, destination, the average distance and the airlines preferred for travel. Credit card air miles won’t be any profit if the holder is not a frequent traveler. Many agencies can help one find out which card suits them their best in their locality.

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